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Fairfield Elementary School

Virginia Educational Facility Planners Best Renovation/Addition for an Elementary School, 2004
Rockbridge County Public Schools
Fairfield, Virginia

This renovation of an existing 9,000 SF elementary school consisted of the addition of 13 new classrooms. The additions were designed in three neighborhoods, one for grades K-1, one for grades 2-3 and one for the 4-5 grades. Each neighborhood has support areas including toilets, storage, individual instruction and workrooms. The administration area was renovated for more efficiency while the library was renovated and expanded. A new computer lab adjoins the library. The gymnasium was doubled in size (high school size court) and provides seating for 150 and storage area.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects this project is the use of geothermal for the mechanical systems, resulting in extensive cost savings for the school. This system utilizes the natural thermo-dynamics to produce the heating and cooling, thus reducing life cycle cost. All roofs are sloped metal with the HVAC units located in the protected attic area. An extensive exterior classroom for environmental studies was included.