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Roanoke Fire & EMS Station 1, Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia

Spectrum Design has engaged a nationally-recognized fire station design firm as a team member to develop a new downtown Fire Station/Fire Administration facility to serve the needs of the Roanoke Fire/EMS department for the next several decades.

The project entailed the programming and design of a comprehensive fire station with three drive-through apparatus bays, separate bays for EMS and command vehicles, dormitories and living spaces, fitness rooms and innovative design features that allow the building itself to serve as a training facility for fire and rescue operations. The top floor of the building will serve as the main command and control center for the entire fire department, housing all of the administrative staff, including the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, inspections and investigations personnel. This area will also include an up-to-date training room complete with amenities for ongoing education of Fire/EMS personnel.