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Pearisburg Fire Station

Pearisburg, Virginia

Spectrum Design was commissioned, along with a nationally-recognized fire station design firm, to design a new volunteer fire station for the Town of Pearisburg, Virginia. The new single-story building, replacing the old fire station on the same site, consists of an apparatus bay housing up to six vehicles attached to an administration and support building including offices, a dayroom, exercise room, shop and maintenance rooms, and a large meeting / training room for both fire station and community use. The building design employs some of the latest ideas for construction cost savings and long-term energy efficiency, including structural brick with foam-insulated cores, utility-size brick, maintenance-friendly metal roofing, insulated and shaded window units, high-efficiency lighting with occupancy controls, highly efficient HVAC equipment with CFC-free refrigerants, low VOC paints and finishes, and low water use plumbing fixtures. The site design also includes bio-retention areas for stormwater treatment and below-ground stormwater detention to prevent excess run-off during heavy rains. All of these amenities were designed in such a way as to allow the existing fire station to remain in service until the new station was ready to receive the apparatus and personnel. At that time, the old station was demolished to make way for new parking and access ways. This project is an example of how Spectrum Design not only designs the building, but also the path to how it is built, resulting in the least disruption to the client’s operations and personnel.